After a decade of experience working in the family business, Livi Leandro continues the adventure began in the '80 and founded a new company of modular kitchens. Times change, materials, requests and that's why they are introduced new collections and technological innovations can give new impetus to an activity aimed, through a staff of experts, the construction of kitchens advanced and functional at the same time.

The company continues to be animated by the same passion of the past, but it is undoubtedly more attention to the environment and to the concepts of safety and health protection: they are in fact used only raw materials that belong to the class E1, that is to say with only 0,001 ppm (part per million) of formaldehyde, the coatings and paints are made with water and we resort to the use of appliances that, in addition to not contain substances harmful to health, prove lasting in time with the lower environmental impact and high energy savings (Cl. A +, A ++).

To all this we must add that the company will install a photovoltaic system that extend for the whole plant, so as to prevent the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and break down the production of waste pollutants, thus helping to improve air quality and of the surrounding environment.

After shaking and enhanced business relationships locally and nationally, the DUE ELLE CUCINE srls will seek abroad, thus starting a new chapter in its history with the awareness that the reliability of the made in Italy is a guarantee of success.